i have nothing to talk about...just a little depressed and nobody's around to nag :) . i'll go to college tomorrow , i have to fix my spirit lol ..feeling so down and helpless . i wouldn't bring those feeling to attent lectures with me . otherwise , my friend won't walk with me coz we promised each other to be optimistic and encourage ourselves no matter how bad it is. (it) refers to college :) .

wa...i'm feeling jelous . my cousin got her laptop before i do . i'll meet her tomorrow at college ...havent seen her for about 2 months. i really missed her.

wa... my brother comes and asks for his turn to use the pc.


Blogger Sami said...

أزال أحد مشرفي المدونة هذا التعليق.

11:23 ص  
Blogger Sami said...

School isn't that bad...especially Saudi colleges. The scene of people ga3deen yesa7boon their legs through the corridors of Saudi universities with no idea why the hell they're there. The only sense of ambition and motivation that keeps them going to classes is almukafa2ah, other than that..they're there because everybody else is. Generally speaking, that is lol
Just stay in there, find something that'll keep you going. For me, I went to KSU for a year and a half. The only thing that made me keep going was to leave KSU lol I left and moved somewhere else and started all over again

11:26 ص  
Blogger ~ se3loah ~ said...

LOL @ sami

ياحبيلك معذبتك الجامعه
كلنا بالهوا سوا
بس وش نسوي

بس لا تنسين اللاب توب

6:21 م  
Blogger BaSSeM said...

Smile and keep your chin up :) i know how you feel right now a little bit too well but I've made it through..

Hope you do fine

10:17 ص  
Blogger ubergirl87 said...

*Sigh*.. I know how it feels to be sharing laptops. My brother is the most annoying little twerp *swears incoherently under breath*..
But, what can we do? I promise as soon as I'm as rich as Bill Gates, I'll send laptops to everyone in the Saudi blogosphere! Wohoo!

3:06 ص  
Blogger 21st Century Kashmiri Nomad said...

salam just passing through - interesting blog!

12:51 ص  

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