me & my little bro footprints on sand

we had a picnic earlier today. i got some pics for ya. if u have an (insect-phobia) like one of my friend i suggest u click X now :)



سلاااااااااام اليوم زحمة…: ) احب الايام اللي زي كذا اول شي الصباح قمت بدري –الساعة تسعه- وسييييدا عالنت..فطور هههه بعدين قامو البزورة وكل واحد يبي دورة عالكمبيوتر يعني خرب الجو..رحت رجعت انام بس امي صحت غريبة منيره قايمة بدري الخميس؟__دايم اخر من يصحا النتيجة الغداء طاح فوق راسي..توبة اصحا بدري
العصر رحنا عند خالتي..اول مره اشوف شهودي __عمرها 3 اسابيع الحين ,صعنونة وتزننن
وأحسن شي بنت خالتي باعت لي سلحفاتها ببلاش..قعيطية ..لول
هي زهقت منها,تصدقون ان السلاحف تمشي بسرعة ( اذا حارشتوها) لووولغيرت فكرتي عن السلاحف عشان كذا سميتها سبيدي : ) . حطيتها في علبة بدريشه غرفتي مع تراب وماي شوي.بعدين قعدت اسمع ميوزك واسولف مع صديقتي بالرسايل. ولا جاني نوم وجيت هنا )


a little about me

Hi...how's everyone
Coz I'm so self-centered I'd like to write something about me :p
The most thing about me is that I hate being controlled anyhow by anyone.
Especially by the media. I hate TV. Newspapers bring me headache, but not the net of course. *net is my baby* :) coz u choose where to go & what to watch or read.
I rarely watch tv and sometimes I need brainwashing to clean my head of some of those negative ideas that included in most of the programs.

I love music so but I hate those lyrics. My fav music is pop. I was enjoying it more when I was 13 . I wasn't able to understand the whole meaning .but now, sometimes I pull the headphones angrily off my ears. They are destroying the meanings of love, relations, morals and many more

I'm homey..have no social life but few friends. Home is heaven :). you would agree if u have parents like mine. Mom and dad r so idealistic. Sometimes I think they come out of book pages.lol

u may think I'm weird.
U know?? If u think I'm weird I have no problem .most of my friends do so.



the first post
wanna write in arabic.
learn it if u wanna read my blog:P
well..not always...i'm gonna mix