lucky maid :P

How's everyone?
u cant believe what happened with me
i myself haven't imagined something like that.

i became a servant for a maid!and whose maid! a disabled shi3i man!a friend of dad's.
here's the story...
last week dad made one of his invitations, as his habit at any "social obligations". by the way, nobody thinks they r "obligations" excepts him. i don't remember the occasion this time. maybe one of friends had a baby or moved to a new home. it doesn't matter.

dad's generosity is something i called naivety and it has some kind of art too. (dad's no.1 artist in keeping himself busy for soOo important things like those) *now dady don't be mad if u happened to read this.u yrself said I'm rite*

this time, he invited men only.it means a little easier hard work. as usual me,mom and my two sisters did the cleaning & sweeping & squeezing & ...etc lol. we don't have a housemaid unlike most of saudi large families like mine.

Everything's arranged and men started coming then that disabled man came with his maid.he went to men's room .she as a maid asksd where's the kitchen. To my surprise,mom lead her to women's room.mom treated her as a 1st class guest! Served her with Arabic coffee and best kinds of dates (sikkiri & 5la6) not mentioning chocolates!!
She was so shy..she wanted to go to the kitchen or do any housework .mom told her " no, just stay still. U r not a housemaid, now u r my guest" ....What's it with my parents & guests?? I'm getting sick of it. for I'm settled at the dining room with all my school books and stuff. every time we have a guest I hafta Move my desk from there and hide all my stuff & those stupid unabridged books into The cupboard. Lately, I study at bedroom where all my notes r thrown around me Randomly. I never have any idea of collecting them. I love this neatness . but this is a different story.

Now What worse! Is that Mom called on me.i was surfing here and there and lost completely In the screen .
- "MoniraaAaaAAaaa come join us"
- what's interesting in a housemaid company?!
Though I went and sit with them for mom's sake.

The maid was an Indonesian woman.her name was Estati or sth like that.She was 29.she said she's been to Arabia since she was 19.and worked with the same family for 10 yrs now.she speaks Arabic quite good…with gatifi accent…lol.

So poor a creature.her sis works in Qatar as a housemaid too.they both work for their lil bro.they send their poor salaries for him 2 complete his education. They want him to go to the univ.

She talked abt the free education we have.abt her family and many other things. Though she's not educated but she seems clever .and unlike most Indonesian Housemaids she looks quite confident.most strangely, she doesn't smell yack.

Mom went on chatting with her.me & my sis left to prepare lunch.i was laughing While carrying the plates from the kitchen to the dining room.we prepared A perfect lunch for a maid! The table has everything.the main dish: rise & fish, Salad,fruit,laban and desserts. Just as if we have a real guest…excepts one thing…I was in my pajama .lol